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The Japanese Midwives Association is a professional organization for registered midwives. Founded in 1955, it traces its roots to the Japanese Sanbas (an ancient expression for midwife) Association, the antecedent of JMA established in 1927.

JMA assumes an important role in the development and promotion of high quality health care for women and childbearing families. Our association is committed to evaluating and refining the profession of midwifery. Midwives respect the normal process of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. The knowledge and practice of midwives allow them to provide the necessary support for women throughout the childbearing cycle.

At times, the scope of midwifery practice has to expand in order to satisfy women's needs in changing circumstances. JMA works to make it possible for the midwife profession to adjust to these special needs.

JMA has been a member of International Confederation of Midwives(ICM) since 1955. JMA has been participating both local and global projects and conferences concerning the healthcare of women, children and families.