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*If you are interested in visiting a Midwife House or in Midwifery training, please follow this link.
Q. How can I visit a Midwife House?

Please give the following information.

Q1 When will you visit Japan?

Q2 Which part(s) of Japan will you visit?

Q3 Where are you from?

Q4 Are you a midwife?

Q. How can I have a natural birth?

Please give the following information.

Q1 Can you speak Japanese?

Q2 When is your due date if you have one?

Q3 How old are you?

Q4 Have you ever had a surgical procedure such as a or episotomy?

Q5 Do you have anHave you ever experienced problems during child birth?

Q6 Where do you want to give birth ?

Q. Are there any English speaking midwives?

You will need to arrange an interpreter, it necessary.

Q. Where are the Midwife houses?

There are midwife houses Japan-wide.

Q1 Where do you live?

Q2 What kind of service do you need from a midwife?

Q. How much does it cost to give birth in a Midwife House?

You should ask the midwife who will take care of your birth.

Q. Could my partner be present at the birth?

We think so, but you should ask the midwife.

Q. How long after the birth do I go home?

It depends entirely upon the midwife.

Q. I am a Midwife. How can I learn Japanese Midwifery techniques?

Please contact JMA directly by email. Click Contact Us

Q. I'm 40years old. Am I too old to give birth at a Midwife House?

Please contact JMA directly by email.