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全国助産所一覧 全国の相談窓口会員入会申込

Support to mothers/children and their families living in Japan who came from overseas countries

Welcome to Japan! For pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing with peace of mind in Japan

This page provides information useful for pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing in Japan. We hope this page is helpful for mothers, fathers and their families who rear children in a country they are unfamiliar with and those who support them. We would be happy if support workers use this page to support the period of pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing of foreign residents.

Support in your area

It is important to get information for the area you live in. If you want to get detailed information about pregnancy, childbirth or
child-rearing, please contact a municipal government office, the
Child-Rearing Generation Comprehensive Support Center
(Kosodatesedai Houkatsu Shien Center) or Health Center for the area you live in.

Support from Japanese Midwives Association (JMA)

We introduce the maternity homes (support for breast massage, child-rearing consultation and postnatal care) of each area. For maternity homes nationwide, please see the following page (↓). https://jyosanshi.medigle.jp/jyosanshikai/search

Inquiries in English: sanba2(at)midwife.or.jp

Useful information

We provide information about pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing nationally and locally; information about organizations providing various support; and information on interpreters.
*We also collect information from our members. Please contact sanba2(at)midwife.or.jp if you have helpful information.

Information on translation/interpretation

VoiceTra (free of charge)

Multilingual voice translation app
Multilingual voice translation appfor smartphones which supports 31 languages
VoiceTra can be used all over the world via the Internet.
*Communication charges are borne by users or free if free Wi-Fi is used.
HP display languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

POKETALK (charged)

Interpreter device
It supports 83 languages (audio and text in 70 languages and text in 13 languages).
It costs about 10,000 yen to 40,000 yen (including communication charges for two years) depending on the type of device.
Since communication charges are included in the main body of the device, a contract for the use of communication lines or Wi-Fi settings is not necessary.
HP display language: Japanese

Private organizations helpful in supporting mothers/children
from overseas countries.

Researching and Supporting Multi-Cultural Healthcare
Services/RASC (free of charge)

You can download a booklet for women and their families from abroad who experience
childbirth/child-rearing in Japan (in easy Japanese and also supporting 17 languages). Also, In RASC Branch Birth on the RASC’s website, a video is available to help them know more about pregnancy and childbirth in Japan in an easy-to-understand manner.
HP display language: Japanese

Child-rearing support site for foreign residents (free of charge)

For foreign residents, an easy-to-understand flow chart and videos of procedures from pregnancy/childbirth to children’s entrance to elemental school are introduced (in easy Japanese and also supporting 10 languages). Procedures to be taken after a child is born are also introduced specifically.
HP display languages: Japanese, Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, English, Nepali, Thai, Korean, Indonesian

SHARE= Services for Health in Asian African Regions (partly charged)

The organization has a consultation desk for the medical interpretation service (supporting 16 languages). It also provides information about support for foreign residents for support workers.
HP display languages: Japanese, English, Nepali, Vietnamese, Myanmer (Burmese), Chinese

Mothers' and Children's Health and Welfare Association
(partly charged)

The organization sells the Maternal and Child Health Handbook published in foreign languages and Japanese (supporting 10 languages).
HP display language: Japanese

Site for supporting children with foreign roots in Japan and
child-rearing support

This support site provides information about pregnancy, childbirth and child-rearing and introduces websites of local government offices where many foreign residents live. Several sites introduced above are linked, and necessary information is covered in this site, including information about jobs, the Maternal and Child Health Handbook, birth plan, Pointing Board helpful for childbirth, vaccination and child development (in easy Japanese and also supporting a maximum of 25 languages).
HP display languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmer (Burmese), Bengali, Nepali

Kizunamail Project (free of charge)

This site provides services delivering useful information according to the number of weeks of pregnancy or months of the child’s age in easy Japanese to foreign expectant and nursing mothers living in Japan via LINE or e-mails (registration is necessary).
HP display language: Japanese

Medicine x Easy Japanese Society (free of charge)

The society creates teaching materials and holds Easy Japanese workshops for Japanese used in medical settings. Teaching materials include those related to COVID-19. The site has a tab for video/leaflet/teaching materials in which the Easy Japanese leaflet and onomatopoeia leaflet (supporting six languages) are available.
HP display language: Japanese

Information about administrative and public
organizations of national and local governments

<National and local governments>

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "For Your Well-being
during Pregnancy and Delivery"

Leaflet in foreign languages is available on the website (supporting 13 languages).
HP display language: Japanese

COVID-19 (free of charge)

Information about vaccinations and local call centers is available.
HP display languages: There are tabs for Japanese, English, Chinese,
and several other languages, including Easy Japanese.

<Public Interest Incorporated Foundation>

Public Foundation of Vaccination Research Center

The center engages in activities for the investigation, research, awareness-raising and information dissemination regarding vaccinations. On the language site, the text in Vaccination and Children’s Health: 2022 Version (supporting 10 foreign languages), and Vaccine Screening Questionnaire (supporting 16 foreign languages) are available.
HP display languages: Japanese, foreign languages

Information to professionals

Mental Health Care for Mother & Child (MCMC) (multilingual EPDS)
(free of charge)

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) can be downloaded from this site free of charge (supporting 37 languages). The EPDS, which consists of 10 items, is widely used for screening women for symptoms of postnatal depression.
HP display language: Japanese

Jissen! Gaikoku Jin Ninsampu Taio Manual 
(Support for mothers who are from culturally different countries)

Experienced midwives teach important points. In the introduction, manga is used to explain each scene so that it is easy for the readers to understand and visualize. In addition, a questionnaire, check list, pass, and other important forms can be downloaded. This manual is aimed at allowing anybody to cope with a situation instead of pushing a lot of responsibilities onto one person in charge.

Supervision: Hiroe Takahashi, President of the Osaka Nursing Association
Medical supervision: Committee on Perinatal Medicine, General Incorporated Association: Osaka Medical Association
Publisher: MEDICUS SHUPPAN, Publishers Co., Ltd.
Price: 2,750 yen (tax included)