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What we do

What we do

Japan has about 30,000 midwives practicing at local hospitals, clinics and maternity centers. They utilize their professional knowledge to provide safe and comfortable care that meets the needs of mothers and children and their family members, valuing a natural pregnancy/birth process and breastfeeding, while helping reduce anxiety of child rearing, prevent child abuse, and nurturing healthier minds of children.

・Training and Education

To improve the quality of midwifery practice, JMA offers midwives programs for acquiring the latest knowledge and skills in two categories continuing education including on-the-job training about medical safery, and specialized education for acquiring.

・Community Activities

TAt local communities, JMA offers programs and supports for various generations, including classes for children about the importance of life, sex education for adolescents, health consultations for working women, maternity classes, parents’ classes, child-grandchild-rearing classes and classes for menopause.

・The Child-Rearing and Women’s Health Support Centers

TJMA has Child-Rearing and Women’s Health Support Centers in all of its prefectural chapters nation-wide, and offers free telephone and onsite consultations by midwives for sexual concerns in adolescent, infertility, and menopause health concerns in addition to pregnancy , childbirth and postpartum concerns. It also sends midwives as lectures and refers proper midwives for you needs.

・Ensuring Safety

JMA implemented the 2014 guidelines concerning midwifery practices and the policies concerning midwifery as the policies for midwifery practice for safe and comportable child birth/rearing, and promotes trainings to improve midwives’knowledge and skills. It also handles complaints and feedback about midwifery practice at the safety Inquiry Center.

・Counter Disaster Measures

JMA sends midwives, who are registered to volunteer in a time disaster, upon requests as disaster relief volunteers. The Child Rearing and Women’s Health Support Centers at JMA’s prefectural chapters serve as the operational base for aid delivery and communications. They work with JMA to provide proactive support for women and children who are vulnerable in a disaster.